About us

We’re a software development company delivering innovative solutions for monitoring/analytics, in particular products that enable the following:

  • Analyze application usage, and employee activity times
  • Monitor workstation performance, changes and issues

Our solutions are utilized predominantly in medium-size organizations and enterprises.

We care about scalability and performance of our solutions. In one of the deployments (for 12000 workstations), when presenting data from a 6-month period, the time to generate and display dashboards is well below 4 seconds. Agents that are installed on workstations are well optimized (written in C++), using very little memory and CPU time, and unnoticeable by the user.

We deploy our solutions both in the cloud, as well as in on-premise infrastructure.

A lot of care is given to make the data accessible for our clients so that they can access and analyze it in whatever way they see fit. Data gathered by the solution is non-aggregated, thanks to this any report can be displayed – not only those that exercise the scenarios, for which data was already pre-aggregated. Access to the data is possible not only via the interface provided by the solution, but also using industry-standard methods like REST API, ODBC or even export to CSV/Excel.