User activity monitoring, work time and application usage tracking, as well as workstation monitoring

Actizoom - features

User activity monitoring
(Work time tracking)

Allows organizations to check how much time employees spend in front of their computers, and what applications (local, WWW or Citrix/RDS) are used the most.

Secure and optimized enterprise-grade solution (with existing deployments e.g. in banking sector, for 12000 workstations), available for organizations of all sizes.

Available in the cloud, or on-premise. 

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Workstations monitoring

Solution that allows IT teams to monitor end users’ workstations – verify performance, detect changes, and spot problems. Equipped with a lot of useful information, Helpdesk teams can rectify the issues much quicker. CPU usage, network performance and delays, software changes and hard drive issues are amongst the data points that are constantly analyzed.

Available in the cloud, or on-premise.

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Work time tracking – benefits

Solution allows for collecting relevant data about application usage, as well as employee activity times.

Track work time and analyze application usage

Monitor user activity, verify work time and what applications are used the longest and most frequently in your organization. You can access organization-wide application usage times, a per-department view, or even access data of individual employees’ application access patterns and activity times.

Identify unused software

Easily detect software that’s installed, but not being used by employees. Use this data to optimize license/subscription purchasing decisions, and reduce software costs.

Identify outdated application versions

Easily detect software versions and spot outdated software. Ensure that critical applications, e.g. web browsers, are always up-to-date with latest security fixes.

Improve performance

When you collect the data about real application use and activity times, you can make informed decisions on how to improve metrics that matter.


Monitoring is performed via a small software package (agent), deployed on end users workstations. It’s completely transparent and invisible to the user and has no noticeable effect on performance or resource usage.


Access data by viewing one of built-in reports (which can be customized or extended during deployment). View data for the entire organization, or only for a given subset of users – based on department, office, or other Active Directory attribute.

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Workstations monitoring – benefits

Monitor workstations' performance, changes, and spot problems quickly.

Constant monitoring of workstations

By deploying this solution, you get constant monitoring of critical parameters of workstations behavior and performance, as well as any software changes. This data is critical to improve availability and performance, notice issues faster and be alerted about critical errors.

Centralized management

By providing a view aggregating data from multiple workstations, the solution enables the IT team to respond to issues quicker.

Self-service – check network connectivity

If enabled during deployment, a special icon/app will be made visible to the end users, which will allow them to check crucial information about their workstations network access. In case network issues are detected, the user will be given a descriptive error (e.g. Default gateway not reachable), as well a recommended course of action (e.g. restart WiFi router, or contact IT helpdesk and pass diagnostics information displayed).

Improve availability and security

By detecting severe problems early – e.g. issues with hard disks, crashes of OS or applications – the solution helps protect against data loss.

Reduce downtime

Identify issues early, and solve them before they lead to downtime and employee frustration!
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Work time tracking - features

Activity times

The solution allows organizations to quickly verify employees’ activity times. One can check average activity times across entire organization, or verify data concerning a single employee. Identify application usage trends and be equipped with the data to respond correspondingly.

Application usage

Check application versions that are in use in your organization. This allows for easy discovery of outdated application versions, which can be critical with regards to security (e.g. outdated versions of Web Browsers, which pose a major threat).

Workstations monitoring - features

Identify problems, changes and events

Easily detect issues that start to have a negative impact on your IT landscape. The solution can alert when errors, changes, or performance or availability issues are identified. IT teams will be kept up-to-date regarding new software installs, Windows updates, errors appearing in event logs, or even WiFi issues.

Detailed view regarding a workstation

Easily check who is logged in on a given workstation, physical location/network to which the computer is connected and network availability/delays, CPU usage, changes changes, application and OS crashes, as well as event error logs. Equipped with this data, the IT department is able to respond more effectively to issues and improve system availability.

About us

We’re a software development company delivering innovative solutions for analyzing and monitoring application usage, employee activity, as well as workstation monitoring. We deploy two bespoke products – application for monitoring application usage, and an application for monitoring workstations. Our products are built to be scalable – one of our deployments is for 12000 workstations.

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